My Place in the Education Data

In December, 2019 (which feels like a decade ago), I had just wrapped up my degree in Neuroscience and wanted to see where I stood alongside all the other college graduates of the year. I came up with a set of waffle charts showing the number of graduates in several different categories but decided not to publish them.

Well, I’ve changed my mind. No longer will they sit in a file on my computer. Here is my place in the US Education Data.

First, I wanted to see myself compared with the other 123 UT graduating neuroscience bachelors.

One box = One student (123 students total)

Here I am am next to all US neuroscience bachelors.

One box = One student (~6500 students total)

I can’t fit any longer, but here are UT and US neuroscience bachelors next to the other US bioscience bachelors.

One Box = 100 students (~120,000 students total)

And finally, for the broadest perspective of the bunch, here are all the US bachelors next to other degree recipients (Phd, Ma, certification etc.).

One box = 6581 students (~4 million students total)

And that’s before getting to one billion Americans!

Hope you enjoyed. You can find the code here.

Alexander Pasch

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